2957 Main Avenue
Owner: Peak Food & Beverage LLC
Established: April 2019

durango dining

What inspired you to start your business?

We wanted to cater to local community members and visitors alike, and Bird's was able to capitalize on the positive changes to the North Main District in Durango while transforming a former (vacated) KFC into a fast-casual restaurant. Bird's also stepped it up for its patrons offering cocktails, beer and wine for adults and local Zuberfizz sodas for the kids to make it a fun, destination restaurant on North Main.

durango dining

What is unique about your restaurant?

Bird's focus is healthy rotisserie chicken. It is not fast food (so don’t think KFC), but "fresh food fast".  Whole rotisserie chickens with sides such as miso broccoli, mashed potatoes and orzo salad can be ordered and paid for online and picked up at the drive-through to feed the whole family.

durango dining

What is your most popular dish?

Our signature rotisserie "Whole Chicken" which comes with four sides to feed four people.

durango dining

Tell us about the ingredients you use. Where do they come from?

Our chicken is ethically sourced and is "Never Ever" - no antibiotics and no growth hormones ever.

durango dining

Describe your restaurant to someone who has never been there?

Bird's is a fast- casual restaurant with both dine- in and take- out options, including our mobile order/mobile pay app and our drive-through window. Bird's also features a full bar and lots of outdoor seating on the patio, as well as plenty of parking. In addition to our rotisserie, we also offer gluten-free fried chicken, sandwiches and healthy salads.

durango dining

Tell us something interesting/fun about your business that public might not know about?

The location was a former KFC founded in 1994 by the uncle of Kris Oyler, CEO of Bird's parent company Peak Food & Beverage. It was one of the ways Kris "discovered" Durango. It was KFC until closing in 2017.

durango dining

What advice would you give to someone opening a new business in Durango?

Be persistent and constant in your mission!

durango dining

How do you give back to our community?

In Bird's short history, opening in the spring of 2019, it has hosted fundraisers for the Boys & Girls Club, the La Plata County Humane Society and the local Chamber of Commerce.  Bird’s is also a part of the school lunch program at Mountain Middle School, feeding nutritious foods to hungry students.

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