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Spring Rewards Program

Get rewarded for shopping local!



Total Rewards Available -- 250

Total Rewards Claimed as of Friday May 12, 2023 at noon -- 250

Total Rewards Remaining -- 0

Total Receipts Submitted + Total Rewards Earned = $171,000



Get rewarded for shopping locally!

Starts April 1, 2023

The Spring Rewards Program is back! Alpine Bank and the Durango Business Improvement District are pleased to offer the Spring Rewards Program to reward shoppers for shopping local!  BID thanks Urban Market and the Durango Chamber of Commerce for also sponsoring this promotion.



This promotion will start April 1st and will conclude when all rewards are claimed. Rewards will be given to shoppers who spend $350 or more at Durango Business Improvement District businesses and Durango Chamber of Commerce member businesses in the following sectors - accommodations, attractions, personal services, restaurants/bars, retail, and other businesses.

The Spring Rewards Program is presented by Alpine Bank, and proudly sponsored by Urban Market and the Durango Chamber of Commerce. 


How does it work?

Shop local at restaurants/bars, retail stores, personal services, accommodations, attractions and other select businesses on our eligible business list. Save your receipts and take a photo of each one. Once you have spent $350, or more, you can submit your receipts through an online form on the BID website. You may use multiple receipts to reach the reward level. The maximum number of receipts is 10, and the minimum amount for each receipt is $25. For your reward, you will receive a $50 gift card from a local business from our rewards business list, and you pick the business. All rewards will be mailed to you when all the rewards are claimed. Eligible purchases cannot be made earlier than April 1, 2023.  The program will conclude go when all rewards are claimed.  

Follow this link for a full List of eligible businesses   or view lists by each sector Accommodations,  Attractions, Personal Services, Restaurants/Bars, Retail, Other Businesses.

 Shoppers choose from this list of businesses below for your $50 reward gift card.

 Animas Trading Company, Carver Brewing Company, Create Art and Tea, Cuckoo's Chicken House, Durango Joe's Coffee (Durango Locations only), Durango Outdoor Exchange, Durango Treasures and Twilight Toys, Earthen Vessel Gallery, Gazpacho's, Grassburger, Lively (a boutique), Oscar's Cafe Durango, The San Juan Angler, There's No Place Like Home and Urban Market.

Rewards are limited! Rewards are given on a first-come first-served basis to those who submit their receipts through the online form. Submitting receipts through the form does NOT guarantee that you will receive a reward as there are limited quantities. This page will be updated regularly with the number of rewards that remain. Each submission is checked carefully to make sure it fits the guidelines. Please read all rules below carefully. Once all rewards are claimed, the program will conclude.


*Submitting receipts for a reward does not guarantee a reward will be given. Rewards are on a first come, first serve basis. There are a limited number of rewards. Once all rewards are claimed, the Spring Rewards Program will conclude.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I submit multiple receipts from different merchants?

Yes. You may submit up to 10 receipts that add up to a total of $350 or more. All receipts must be from businesses that are members of the Chamber and/or the BID and are in the following sectors – retail, personal services, accommodations, attractions, or restaurants/bars. Click HERE for list of all eligible businesses, or try our Search Tool


What is the minimum amount for the receipt for it to be accepted?

Each receipt must be at least $25.


How many receipts can I submit to reach a reward level?

The maximum number of receipts allowed is 10.


How many times can I apply for rewards?

 Only one entry per household. A household is considered anyone living in the same residence.


Are there locations that don’t count towards this program?

Yes. We are not able to accept receipts from: grocery stores, gas stations, propane sales, convenience stores, drug stores, marijuana, services such as child care, health care, after school care, donations to non-profit organization, real estate transactions, and professional services (CPA, attorney, architect, dentist, insurance, health care, dentist, eye doctor) . Any business not listed on the eligible business list. Any business not a BID or Chamber Member is also ineligible.

Receipts will only be accepted from retail, personal services, accommodations, attractions and restaurant/bars businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce or BID. Click here for a list of all eligible businesses. 

BID/Chamber have the right to decline any receipt that does not meet the requirements. 


What type of receipts can be submitted?

Receipt photos should be of an itemized hard copy receipt. (do not submit credit card only receipts or invoices) We will only accept a digital receipt, or other type of receipt, if all the following information is provided: business name, address, date of sale, and sale amount. If that information is not provided, the receipt may be deemed ineligible. The following are not eligible receipts: credit card only receipt, handwritten receipts and invoices. All receipts must be submitted through the same form. Just click the add receipt button to add an additional receipt. 


What amount can I submit in the form? Do I include the tax and tip?

The total amount can include the tax. Do not include the tip in your amount. A purchase from a restaurant should be just for the amount of the purchase, excluding the tip. 


Can I purchase something online at a local merchant?

Yes, as long as the business is on the eligible business list and fits the guidelines.  Remember that digital receipt must have key information noted above. You may need to request a hard copy receipt to submit that purchase.


If I purchase a gift card, will that count towards my reward?

Yes, any purchase at a Chamber or BID member business that is a retail store, personal services, accommodation, attraction, personal service or a restaurant is an eligible purchase. Businesses NOT on the eligible list will not count.


What do I need to do before I submit my form?

  1. Verify that the receipt is from an eligible business. (Search Tool)
  2. Circle the date of purchase, total spent, and write your initials next to the total.
  3. Take a picture of each receipt separately.  Check your photo to make sure all information is showing. (business name, date of purchase and total spent)
  4. You are now ready to submit your receipts. Remember to submit ALL receipts in one submission. Click the plus sign to add additional receipts.


What businesses can I choose for my reward?

A list of businesses for rewards will be provided when submitting receipts through the online form. The list is also at the top of this webpage.  All rewards are in the form of $50 gift cards from local businesses. You can only select one business to receive your reward. The gift cards cannot be split between multiple businesses. Once you choose a business, you cannot change your selection after it has been submitted. 


How will I know my submission was received?

After you have submitted your receipt, you will be taken to a page that confirms your submission was received. You will also receive an email that confirms your submission was received. Check your spam and junk folders if you don't see this email in your inbox.

Each submission will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the guidelines. Once all the rewards have been claimed, a communication will be sent via email stating that your submission was accepted.  The rewards will only be mailed to the address provided in the form. 

When does the Rewards Program start and end?

This program will be start on Saturday April 1, 2023.  Program will end when all rewards are claimed.




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