Zia Taqueria

2977 Main Avenue - North Main District
Owners: Tim Turner & Carly Thomson
Established: May 2005

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What sets you apart from other restaurants?

We buy more local produce, by volume, than any other restaurant in Durango. Our menu is super customizable, so the options are nearly endless. We believe we provide very high quality, nutrient dense food at some of the most affordable prices in our area. Beyond all of that, we love this community and try to support it as much as possible.

durango dining

How do you support the community?

In addition to our unwavering support for local agriculture, we also support dozens of non-profits each year through cash, food, and gift card donations. We focus on a variety of local youth organizations, trails & open space, youth sports, local agriculture, and more. Zia is proud to offer over $50,000 of support to over 50 local non-profits every year.

durango dining

Tell us about the ingredients you use. Where do they come from?

We are committing to buying everything local that we can when it is in season. We get roma tomatoes - 500 pounds per week - from Fields to Plate. We get peppers - including serrano, jalapeno, habanero, and poblano - from Adobe House Farms. We get cilantro, salad mix, and tomatillos from Twin Buttes. We buy yellow squash, zucchini, cabbage, onions, and potatoes from 550 Farms. Our tortilla chips are made here in Durango by our own Tortilla Company, and we use all local, non-GMO corn from Ute Mountain region, and Colorado Sunflower oil. On top of that, we buy local beans, soda, beer, hot sauces.

durango dining

Where do you get your inspiration for your menu?

Most of the menu has been created and recipes refined by our staff through the years who were born and raised in Mexico. We use a lot of family recipes with regional inspiration from all over Mexico.

durango dining

What is your most popular dish?

Well, we sell more bowls - rice, salad, or potato - than anything else, followed closely by large burritos, baby burritos, then tacos. A big part of our appeal is the ability to customize everything you get. There are seemingly endless combinations - every customer has their own unique winning combination!

durango dining

What is your business moto?

Eat Well. Play Hard. Live Long.

durango dining

What is the secret to being a successful business in a small town?

Be kind. Be generous. Be strategic. There's a lot more to it - but that's a good starting point!

durango dining

What's next?

There have been some great moments along the way, but there is so much that we are looking forward to in the next couple of years. We recently opened our new location at 2977 Main Ave. That building has been years in the making, being active in that space has been a huge accomplishment for us. We still trying to get a new concept up and running in our old space, finding new ways to support local agriculture while providing nutrient dense food at reasonable prices.

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