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Summertime Parking in Durango!


It’s easier than you might imagine to park in Downtown Durango… We’re sharing our secrets to make it easy for you to enjoy all the unique shops and restaurants Durango has to offer.


We’ve got many great parking options that are a quick step away from your shopping or dining destination (but don’t limit yourself… walk around… enjoy the sunshine and fresh air… and re-discover Durango).


Download our Map below for a quick reference to Downtown’s parking “secrets.”


Weekday Parking:

The best parking during the weekdays is off of Main Avenue (and it’s easy access… you don’t have to parallel park!): 

  1. Narrow Gauge – You might think of this as an alley, but it is one of THE best places to park in Downtown. It’s located behind the stores on the west side of Main Avenue. Narrow Gauge is a one-way street that runs South to North. Access Narrow Gauge via any of the “cross streets” but to start at the beginning, turn right at the stoplight at Camino and College Drive (across from the DoubleTree) and turn left just past the railroad tracks. Narrow Gauge runs all the way from College Drive to 12th Street. Access to Main Avenue establishments is easy, and typically plenty of parking is available. All meters are a $1.00 per hour and up to 10-hours. (though we have some qualms about telling you about this because this is one of our secret parking opportunities).
  2. East 2nd Avenue -  East 2nd runs north/south, parallel to Main Avenue and provides multiple parking options with quick access to the shops and restaurants on Main. (Yes, you’ll need to walk up the hill, but it’s really not far, and you can walk off the calories from a delicious meal Downtown.) Access East 2nd Avenue by driving “east” up any side street from Main Avenue. Parking meters are $1.00 per hour and are 3 hour meters. On the South side of College Drive, the meters are only 75¢ per hour.

      3. North End of Downtown - Plenty parking is available on the north    side of Downtown near Buckley Park in the 1000-1200 blocks. The    meters from 12th to13th on Main in front of Buckley park are10- hour meters, and 50¢ per hour. The meters along 11th and 12th street are10 hour meters and are 75¢ per hour. Take a stroll. It’s a very short walk to the shops and restaurants in the northern section of Downtown​

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Weeknights and Weekend Parking:

4. Transit Center - The Transit Center parking lot, located off Camino Del Rio with access from 7th and 8th Streets, offers FREE parking after 5 p.m. on weekdays, and is also FREE Saturday and Sunday. The lot is a short block and a half from the heart of Main Ave., and it has over 130 spaces.

5. East 2nd Avenue Parking lots – Five City lots and one County parking lot are located on East 2nd Avenue, in the 600,700, 800, 900 and 1100 blocks.These lots are FREE after 5 p.m. on weekdays and FREE Saturday and Sunday. All are only one block off Main Ave., and there are over 200 total spaces in these lots! Locations are:


Additional Tips!

Meters are FREE weekdays after 6 p.m., and all day on weekends.    


Skip the car and ride the Trolley!

(The historic-style trolley is a great way to see Durango.) The route runs along Main – Transit Center to N. Animas View Drive. Stops are located all along Main, with pick-ups every 20 minutes, daily, 7 a.m. to 8:40 p.m. Check Trolley Map for specific times and locations. The Trolley costs $1 per ride.

Click here to download the Main Avenue Trolly map.


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