Studio & Gallery

1027 Main Avenue
Owners: Tim Kapustka, Elizabeth Kinahan, Shawn Lotze, Jon Bailey, Lorna Meaden
Established: March 2010

Name Studio & Gallery

How did you start your business and why?

Studio & was started in 2010 by 4 artists that needed affordable studio space. We happened to find a place on main avenue and decided to utilize our location to both make our art and sell it in the same place.

Name Studio & Gallery

What is your business mission?

Studio & Gallery is a gathering place for art and ideas in the heart of downtown Durango, Colorado. We’re a gallery and working studio space where artists and community have been coming together to express and connect since 2010. Owned by five local artists who manage the space, we’re focused on providing opportunities for creative talent and encouraging the conversations that grow around them. We’re dedicated to spreading art and ideas in the name of progress.

Name Studio & Gallery

What sets you apart from other businesses?

Unlike most galleries, when you're at Studio & you are interacting with the artists that made the work on the walls. Everything at Studio & is made in Southwest Colorado, and since everyone working at Studio & is one of the owner-artists, you will always have access to at least one of the artists who created what you are seeing in the gallery. This is very rewarding to both, us as the artists and the customers, who get to ask questions of the person who actually made the work.

Name Studio & Gallery

How do you support the community?

Studio & is a clubhouse for working artists in Durango. Our opening receptions are parties in the name of art. At any time during an opening you can look around and see a varitable who's who of working artists in our community. We are very proud of being a fulcrum for artists in Durango. A place where working artists can gather and confer with each other, about art, ideas, and progress. At the same time we also pride ourselves at being the place for art lover to come to celebrate art. At those same opening receptions you will see dozens of art appreciators, are supporters, and art lovers gathered. It's a wonderful thing for us to host this confluence of like minds mixing in the name of art.

Name Studio & Gallery

What three words best describe your business and why?

Art. Ideas. Progress. This has been our creed since day one. We have always done everything we can to move forward and help others to do so in these three simple areas.

Name Studio & Gallery

What is the secret to being a successful business in a small town?

It isn't easy to make it in Durango. It's very expensive. If there was one thing that would be a 'secret' to success, I'd be creativity. Staying opening to new ideas and new ways to do things.

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