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The Small Business Spotlight is a series of quick, fun interviews that profile successful small businesses in Durango. This new promotion is designed to highlight businesses in the district and provide a little insight to our local business owners.

Businesses who participate in this promotion will be featured on a special page on the BID Website, which will be promoted through various social media channels. Any business located within the district is invited to participate in this new promotion. There is no cost for you to participate. This is part of BID's marketing program for businesses in the district.

How do I know if my business is in the District? The District includes all of Downtown, 2nd Avenue, Camino Del Rio, and North Main from 14th Street to the City limits. If you are unsure if you your business is included in the district, please contact us at 970-375-5067.

To participate please answer 6 questions and provide 6 photographs. For each question please provide 2-4 sentences for each. Answer the questions like you were being interviewed. Please do not just take information from your website. This is designed to bring awareness to the business in the district. Be candid with your responses. The Small business spotlight is designed to highlight your business and provide a little insight to our local business owners.

For the photographs please provide a variety of different photos. At least one photo should be of the staff or business owners.

Once we receive your information, we will put you on our schedule. Check out the spotlights we have produced so far

We will promote a new Small Business spotlight every week on Monday. Each spotlight will be posted on our website and promoted on our social media networks.

If you have any questions please contact

Please use drop down menu to select a question for each set. After selecting a question, please answer in the space provided. We are looking for 2-3 sentences for each question.


We require six images for your spotlight to be considered. These images must be greater than 1200pixels wide, and less than 12mb in size. This form will not submit without all six images

Please only click SUBMIT once, images can take some time to upload, so please be patient. If the I'm not a robot checkbox times out during your upload, you can continue the process just by rechecking it. You will not need to hit Submit twice.

Thank you for participating in the Small Business Spotlight. We will review your submission and send you a preview of your Small Business Spotlight before it is published.