Seasons of Durango

764 Main Avenue
Owner: Karen & Wayne Barger
Established: 1994

durango dining

Where did the name of your business come from?

While many of our guest’s think that it has to do with seasoning as in spices, our name originated because we wanted our mission to be to change the menu seasonally! Menu change is an event that our entire team looks forward. We all gather and taste every dish while the culinary team explains each ingredient that goes into it, where it is sourced, and what makes that dish special.

durango dining

Where do you get your inspiration for the menu?

The heart of Seasons Rotisserie and Grill is our open style exhibition kitchen.  We use perfectly seasoned, locally cut, solid oak as the heat source for our famous grill and rotisserie and craft each item on our menu with our customers in mind. We utilize as many local products as possible and our customers love supporting our local farms, economy, and a sustainable food system.

durango dining

What has been your business’s proudest moment? Awards or accomplishments?

Seasons has been in Durango for 26 years so there are many proud moments. We take great pride in being a part of the community and it is very special for all of the team to help guests celebrate momentous occasions such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. We were recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Year in 2016. Additionally, we have been recognized by Wine Spectator for our wine list since 2003 and receiving the Award of Excellence since 2017. However, after the last year with the pandemic, we can honestly say that making it through 2020 with an amazing team was a huge accomplishment and we can thank our staff and community for their loyalty to our mission!

durango dining

What is your business' motto?

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality products and service in a respectful, fun filled environment. To operate with integrity within our community and to be accountable to our customers, team members and vendors, to inspire and create positive change and to provide the Seasons "magic", one plate at a time.

durango dining

Describe your restaurant atmosphere to someone who has never been there?

Seasons of Durango, established in 1994, is firmly rooted to American-style cooking perfectly paired with exemplary service. Our casually elegant dining room buzzes with the excitement of an open exhibition kitchen, award winning wine list and the best views of Main Street. Seasons is a truly memorable dining experience.

durango dining

What is an interesting fact about your business most people do not know?

We have the only oak fired rotisserie grill in town and our main heat source is locally sourced oak. This imparts such a complex and beautiful flavor on any dish that comes off of the grill or over the rotisserie. To run the oak fire grill, it takes an experienced line cook in order to perfect temperatures and curate the perfect dish. Our oak grill is a labor of love that sets us apart from other establishments in town.

durango dining

What is your signature dish?

We have a few dishes that are staples and we don’t change them because they are so good! The Hoisin Ribs and Crispy Calamari have been on our menu for years and we think that they are perfection. However, our signature dish is the Rotisserie Spit Half-Chicken. The chickens are all natural and they marinate in a special brine that includes rosemary, garlic and oranges among many other ingredients. Then, we rotisserie the chicken over our oak fired grill so it imparts that signature smoky flavor. Finished with a chicken jus sauce with seasonal vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes, this dish is comforting and a definite favorite!

durango dining

What is unique about your restaurant? What sets you apart from other restaurants?

We are so fortunate to be in Durango, where there is ample diversity in flavors and styles of dining. Seasons has evolved over the years to accommodate the needs and tastes of the community. What makes us unique is how long we have been in business. We have firmly established systems and protocols which allows us more time to focus on the guests and their experience. This also allows us to bring wonderful talent to our team because people see that we have standards that we want to keep elevating and pushing the bar higher and higher.

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