Lively (a boutique)

809 Main Avenue
Owner: Johnna Bronson
Established: October 2015

Lively boutique

Why did you decide to open a small business?

I've been in the fashion industry since I was 16 years old from retail sales to corporate fashion buyer. I've always wanted to own my own boutique and felt Durango was the perfect town for it. It will be 5 years this October.

Lively boutique

Where did the name of your business come from?

The ladies in Durango are so lively (active!). I was inspired by the local ladies I met here and decided to call it Lively.

Lively boutique

How did you wind up in Durango? What brought you here?

My husband is from Durango. We met in college and decided we wanted to raise our 3 sons in this amazing community.

Lively boutique

Why are small businesses so important to Downtown? What is unique about your store?

Small businesses are what makes this town so charming and an attractive place to visit, along with the gorgeous mountains! My store offers a lot of products that are locally designed. We love to support independent artists and companies that have an ethical or social program that gives back to others. What is the best thing about Durango? The locals and the visitors.

Lively boutique

What sets you apart from other stores?

We strive to be the friendliest store that offers unique, quality driven products. We like to learn who our customers are and call them by name.

Lively boutique

How do you support the community?

It is important for lively to give back to the community through donations for local nonprofits such as After Prom, Women's Resource Center, Power to Act, iAM Music, educational programs and free Friday Yoga.

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