Homeslice Pizza

2915 North Main Avenue
Owners: Lynn & Cory Kitch
Established: 2013

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Where did the name of your restaurant come from?

We sat around and drank and drew logos on cocktail napkins until very late one night! LOL! We still have the napkins!

durango dining

What is unique about your restaurant? What sets you apart from other restaurants?

We are a pizza restaurant with a full bar. Most Pizza restaurants serve just Beer and Wine. The locals love the bar on N Main. We started this location in a food truck that was attached to a building. Now it has been fully remodeled with a rooftop patio/bar!

durango dining

Tell us a little history about your business? How has it evolved over time?

North Main is our second location. We started on College drive with our first location in 2002 during the Missionary Ridge fires. The owners, Cory & Lynn, lost their house in the fires and with a lot of community support still managed to open Sept 1st that year.

durango dining

Tell us about your chef(s). What is their background and experience in culinary arts?

Come on in and introduce yourself to Mike, our Kitchen Manager! He has a lot of stories to tell!! He's worked in Uruguay! France! Vegas! He's a spectacular chef that agreed to come and help us with pizza!!!

durango dining

What is your most popular dish?

Pepperoni Pizza....ALL DAY!!

durango dining

Describe your restaurant atmosphere to someone who has never been there?

This place has the BEST VIBE!!! The inside restaurant & bar is local and comfortable. Plenty of outdoor seating upstairs and down. Outdoor fire pit. Cool Colorado Feel with the ski fence!!

durango dining

How do you see your company growing in the future? Anything new on the horizon?

We opened a third location out by the hospital in Three Springs in 2020 during the pandemic! It is growing and the vibe there is light and fun.

durango dining

What advice would you give to someone opening a new business in Durango?

Reach out....there is so much community support here. Just reach out. We will all help you!

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