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Durango Holiday Rewards Program

Get rewarded for shopping locally this holiday season!

The Durango Business Improvement District (BID) and the Durango Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to create the new Durango Holiday Rewards Program to reward shoppers for shopping local this holiday season. As the Chamber mascots Buck, Penny and Moola say, Look Local First!


The Holiday Reward Program is proudly sponsored by Bank of Colorado, Morehart Murphy Regional Auto Center,  La Plata County Economic Development Alliance and the Town of Bayfield. This promotion will start on Monday of Thanksgiving week, November 23, and run for six weeks, through December 31. Rewards will be given to shoppers who spend $50 or more within La Plata County at local restaurants, retail, lodging and attractions. A purchase can be made in person, or online through the Share the Love Durango online store.  

Rewards are given in the form of gift cards to local businesses, and the amounts are tiered to increase the more the shopper spends. See the chart below for details. See full list of merchants below. 


How does it work?

This holiday season shop local at any restaurant, retail, lodging or attraction business located within the La Plata County. Save your receipts and take a photo of each one. Once you have spent $50, or more, you can submit your receipts through an online form. You may use multiple receipts to get to the one of the reward levels.  See below for the breakdown of the reward levels.


Spend Amt

Reward Type

Reward Amt

Max # of Rewards

Level 1


10% Gift Card



Level 2


25% Gift Card



Level 3


33% Gift Card








You choose from this list what store you want for your gift card reward.

Durango Businesses
81301 Coffee Roasters
Zia Taqueria
HomeSlice Pizza North Main District
Tippy Canoe
Maria's Bookshop
Art Supply House
Durango Artisan Foods
Animas Trading Company
Lone Spur Café
The Mac Ranch
Out of the Blue
Create Art and Tea
Durango Outdoor Exchange
Pine Needle Mountaineering
Allison Ragsdale Photography
Dancing Willow Herbs
The Boarding Haus
Eureka Clothing
Lazy One Durango
lively (a boutique)
East by Southwest
Revival Goods
The Pine Cone
Mill Street Bistro
Bottom Shelf Brewery
Eepa's Pizzeria
Lewis True Value
Getaway Salon & Medspa
The Coffee Merchant

Holiday Rewards Grand Prize!

At the end of the promotion, we will draw one person from all who entered receipts for the Grand Prize Drawing. The Grand Prize is a $25 gift card to EVERY business on the list above. That's $800 in gift cards to 32 stores in Durango and Bayfield!


  1. One entry per household per month. A household is considered anyone living in the same residence.
  2. All purchases must be made between November 23, 2020 and December 31, 2020
  3. Receipts can come from multiple stores to reach the spending levels. Each receipt must be $20 or more. A maximum of 15 receipts will be accepted. 
  4. Elligible receipts include restaurants, retail stores, lodging and attractions. Must be located within La Plata County.
  5. Ineligible receipts include grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, marijuana, services, childcare, classes, auto mechanics, auto repair or service, real estate transactions, insurance, health care, professional services and big box stores like Wal-mart, Home Depot and other stores that are not independently or locally owned. Stores like Kroegers Ace Hardware would  count because it is locally owned.  BID/Chamber have the right to decline any receipt that does not fit with in the requirements. 
  6. Receipts must include the business name and date printed on the receipt. If date and business name  are not clear in the submission, we have the right to decline your submission. Handwritten names or dates will not be accepted. Receipts must be clear and easy to read.
  7. Please take separate pictures of each receipt. Receipts should not be combined into one entry. The only exception to this rule is when you make a purchase on Share the Love online store. You may take a picture of your entire invoice and list it under one entry. Business name for these purchases can be listed as Share the Love Online Store.

  8. Before you submit your receipt. Please write your initials in the corner of the receipt. (initials should match your first and last name in your submission)
  9. A receipt can only be submitted once by one shopper. Violating this rule will automatically make you ineligible for rewards and this program.
  10. Shoppers will be able to choose their reward from a list of business based on the rewards level. See schedule below for when rewards will be available. Rewards can not be split between multiple businesses. 
  11. Reward gift certificates will be mailed to the address submitted on the form. Address can not be changed after your form has been submitted. 
  12. Rewards are in the form of gift cards. Gift cards cannot be traded for cash. No cash rewards will be given. Rewards will only be given from the list of businesses included in the program.
  13. Must be 18 or over to participate.
  14. Each reward level has a participation limit. Once that limit is met, we will no longer accept receipts for that level.
  15. BID and the Chamber have the right to decline any entry that does not fit within the guidelines. BID will inform the shopper by email the reason their submission was declined.
  16. Participants will receive an email confirmation that their submission was accepted and a date of when the rewards will be mailed out.  
  17. BID or the Chamber are not responsible for any lost gift certificates. 


Reward Payout Schedule

 Purchase dates (receipts must be submitted by last day at 11:59 pm)

  Rewards will be mailed by

  Nov 23 - Dec 6

 Dec 12

  Dec 7 - 13

 Dec 18

  Dec 14 - 31

  Jan 8


*  We are not responsible for any lost certificates. Gift certificates will be mailed to the address on the form


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I submit multiple receipts from different merchants?

Yes. You may submit multiple receipts to each a reward level. All receipts must be located within La Plata County and be one of the acceptable merchants. 


What is the minimum amount for the receipt for it to be accepted?

Each receipt must be $20 or more. We will accept up to 15 receipts total.


How many times can I apply for rewards?

You may submit one entry per month, per household. Additional receipts will be declined.


How will I know when my reward was accepted?

Once you submit your receipt you will receive a confirmation email that we received your submission. The staff will review your submission and if it fits the guidelines we will send out a confirmation that your submission was accepted and your reward gift certificate will be mailed out to you. The rewards will only be mailed to the address provided in the form.   


What businesses can I chose for my reward?

For each level of participation, you will have a selection of businesses that you can choose for your rewards. That list of businesses will be provided when submitting receipts. All rewards are in the form of gift cards from local merchants.You can only select one merchant to receive your reward. The gift certificates can not be split between multiple businesses. Once you choose a business you can not change your selection after it has been submitted. 


If I purchase a gift card, will that count towards my reward?

Yes, any purchase at a merchant  in La Plata County that fits in the guidelines will be allowed. This includes purchases of gift cards.


Can I purchase something online at a local merchant?  

Yes, so long as the business is located in La Plata County. Any online purchase from a local business will count. This includes any purchase from the Share the Love Online Store. Find out more here:  


This program will be available starting on Monday, November 23. Please check back on to submit your receipt. 




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