Hermosa Cafe

738 Main Avenue
Owners: Lindsey Biaggi & Lucia Thompson
Established: 2019

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Where did the name of your restaurant come from?

The name comes from the nearby Hermosa Valley that we play in. Additionally, Hermosa in Spanish means beautiful. Everything Durango: the history, the culture, the scenery and its people are Hermosa.

durango dining

What is unique about your restaurant? What sets you apart from other restaurants?

In the heart of downtown, everything in Hermosa Café stands out. Would you like a cup coffee or a nitro cold brew? It's roasted right here in Durango at 7,900 feet in small batches by Rocky Mountain Roastery. How about a mimosa? You can also choose from our eight beers on tap, at least half are from Durango and the rest from various gem breweries in Colorado. In a hurry? We always have several grab and go sandwiches and barista's choice of freshly juiced vegetables, our daily wellness shot. Besides the pastries, the drinks, the vibe and the team, the building is also unique. We flavor our pastries and fresh baked quiche with ingredients that are in season. This keeps us fresh, no boring flavors, ever!

durango dining

Any significant history in your building?

The building was built in 1895, it was first Williams Dobbins, a blacksmith store. It then became the Jackson Hardware store, later on the French Hardware store. One can still see the faded painted ads on the exposed, original brick wall by the entrance. There are also ghost stories but that's another interesting story.

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Where do you get your inspiration for your menu?

We bring the experience of having lived in several countries and utilize the unique ingredients combined from other cultures. Everyone on the Hermosa team knows that a bright idea might make the menu, so we also encourage sharing grandma's recipes. Inspiration and motivation also comes from satisfied customers and extraterrestrials alike. If customers are happy, we are moving in the right direction.

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What is your most popular dish?

Definitely our skillfully made from scratch, quiche. We make it fresh daily, giving priority to locally sourced, seasonal ingredients as often as we can. We always bake a bacon, cheddar, jalapeño quiche and our other staple - anything with mushrooms! Quiche connoisseurs agree it's the best in Durango.

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Describe your restaurant atmosphere to someone who has never been there?

The smell form the kitchen is deliciously unavoidable as you enter. The colors from the décor are happy and bright. The beers on tap or the funky coffee menu grabs your attention immediately. The knowledgeable baristas greet you and are ready to create your handcrafted drinks or place your food order. The upbeat music is playing, the cozy seating area is waiting and the vibe feels Durango good.

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How do you see your company growing in the future? Anything new on the horizon?

Hermosa Café will continue to support and sponsor sports programs that emphasize the community spirit. In the future, we hope to expand our existing outdoor space to a place where Durango's hippies, cowboys, students, athletes and the health conscious can thrive.

durango dining

What is your motivation? What keeps you going and inspired each day?

Durango called to longtime friends, Lindsey and Lucia, many years ago. We live here, we raise our families here and love all the outdoor recreation this old pueblo has to offer. The people of Durango and her visitors embody this healthy lifestyle and spirit. We often ask our locals and visitors "where did you play today?" Every answer provides daily inspiration.

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