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726 1/2 Main Avenue
Opened July 2014
Owners: Ed, Jess, Cody, Mary Lou
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What inspired you to start your business?

Our children inspired us to start Grassburger! We wanted a burger joint that we could go to that served grass-fed beef and was allergy friendly... somewhere we could take our kids to and know they were eating fun AND nutritious food!

durango dining

Where did the name of your restaurant come from?

The legalization of weed, no just kidding... from the grass the cows eat!

durango dining

How do you support the community?

We have a mission statement that pledges our support for regenerative agriculture, healthy living and healthy eating. Durango Devo, Durango BMX and other sports, as well as the Quivira Coalition and the upcoming film, Sacred Cow, are some of the groups we sponsor and support.

durango dining

Any significant history in your building?

Our building is the original lumber/hardware store for Durango! The wagons used to pull up in front and the lumber was stored underneath the patio area! As a matter of fact, there is an old chicken bone from someone's lunch that you can find in our concrete floor (which is original as well).

durango dining

Tell us about the ingredients you use. Where do they come from?

We source with integrity wherever possible. Our cattle are from a ranch outside of Santa Fe, the buns are craft-batched, some of the other regional companies we purchase from are Colorado's Canyon Bakehouse and Boulder Ice Cream. We keep our ingredient simple and clean - zero corn syrup, zero GMOs and as few additives as possible.

durango dining

What is unique about your restaurant? What sets you apart from other restaurants?

A few things - 1. We serve only 100% grass-fed, USA raised beef. This is surprisingly uncommon as grass-fed beef is often imported from South American or New Zealand. 2. Our fryers are dedicated gluten-free and are filled with GMO-free sunflower oil.

durango dining

What is your most popular dish?

I think it's a toss between our bacon-cheddar burger and our green-chile jackburger.

durango dining

Tell us something about your restaurant that the public might not know about.

Let's see if you can guess the secret language of Grassburger. Clue 1: Ed and I are from Wisconsin originally. Clue 2: Grassburger's colors are green and gold. Clue 3: Grassburger's initials are GB. Clue 4: Think football. GO PACK!!

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