928 Main Avenue
Owner: Denise Cleaves
Established: September 1994

Eureka Dan's

Where did your business name come from?

Eureka means you finally found it! The name reminded me of Colorado with the mines and striking gold. Similarly, when people come into the store, they feel they finally found a beautiful store with quality merchandise and exceptional service.

Eureka Dan's

What are your biggest challenges as a business owner?

The biggest challenge as a business owner of Eureka's over the last 26 years has been balancing the energy needed to maintain a beautiful shopping environment with fresh merchandise to serve the community, alongside raising four beautiful girls and focusing on family. This challenge is ongoing and I am fortunate to have had amazing employees and family support. Our success has been a team effort. We never take anything for granted and am blessed to live in an awesome town where we are a destination store.

Eureka Dan's

What are the biggest rewards in owning a small business?

I am most proud that we are a destination store for people throughout the Southwest. We want to continue to build our relationships and provide the best merchandise and service for our customers. We are proud of our following over the last 26 years and reputation we have built. Being a destination store is the highest compliment and biggest reward of owning a small business.

Eureka Dan's

Tell us a little history about your business. How has it evolved over time?

We are proud that our building located at 928 Main Avenue is one of the original historic buildings of downtown Durango. It was built in 1890 and the energy of it being a mercantile space creates a one of a kind experience with the wood floors, high ceilings, and brick walls. Every creak of the original wood floors has a story. We are proud to be apart of this history for the past 26 years.

Eureka Dan's

What three words best describe your business and why?

FINALLY FOUND IT! We have created an environment where people are stimulated and excited to see what the store offers. We are truly a destination or the perfect gift and experience.

Eureka Dan's

What is your happiest moment as a business owner?

My happiest moment as a business owner is having my oldest daughter come home with her Marketing degree from the Eller College of Management last summer, to help me transition through COVID and elevate the store into the next generation.

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