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Create Art & Tea

802 E. 2nd Avenue
Owner: Caprice Fox
Established: May 2018
Create Art & Tea

Where did the Business name come from?

The business name came from the Moto of Create, "May We Enhance the Creative Spirit of Expression"! We all have a creative expression in some form or another which brings us closer to ourselves and what we love to do. In Observing Art, I believe, it enlivens and provides Inspiration.

Create Art & Tea

What inspired you to start your business?

The inspiration came from the Love of Art!!! It is a new learning experience that moves me to jump in and enter a whole new world. Asking, What is Art? How is Art Created? What are the disciplines that are behind each Creation?

Create Art & Tea

What is your business' mission?

Create's Mission is to represent the incredible talent of the Local Artisans and their passion to present what moves their lives. Create is here also to provide an experience of enjoying a stress-free environment with browsing through this, "Little Shop of Wonders"! Create also provides 38 different blends of tea. Our mission with tea is to enliven everyone's awareness as to the health benefits of tea and how it can help in so many ways.

Create Art & Tea

What keeps you going and inspired each day?

Being here in Create Art and Tea has given me a home base to grow my roots within Durango; a community that cares and reaches out to support each other. It is a great joy to talk with folks every day and hear their stories and possibly provide a treasure that will be a keepsake of Art for them or someone dear to them.

Create Art & Tea

What is something the public might not know about Create Art & Tea?

When guests come into Create for the first time, they are surprised to see that we offer tea. We offer 38 different blends at the store. Tea possesses the virtues of relieving fatigue, delighting the soul and strengthening the moment. It is fascinating how it provides so many wonderful benefits. I also make homemade blends. My favorite being, a Chai Blend.

Create Art & Tea

What is your favorite quote?

In his beautiful Book of Tea, Kakuzo Okakura writes, "Our mind is the canvas on which the artists lay their colour; their pigments are our emotions; their chiaroscuro the light of joy, or the shadow of sadness. The masterpiece is of ourselves, as we are of the masterpiece. The sympathetic communion of minds necessary for art appreciation must be based on mutual concession. The spectator must cultivate the proper attitude for receiving the message, as the artist must know to impart it. The artist, the painting, and its audience are not three things, but one."

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