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Pure Skin Organic Day Spa
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Business Info:
(970) 317-2453
3473 Main Avenue
Suite 208 (2nd Story)
North Main (1400 Main and north)

Pure Skin Organic Day Spa

Charming Day Spa on the North Side of historic Durango offering therapeutic massage and holistic facials.

Business hours:          

Mon, Wed-Fri:  10am-6pm           

Sat & Sun: 12pm-5pm


(Please call (970)317-2453 or email

to book multiple party members)

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  Our spa services are aimed at providing relaxation and rejuvenation to the whole body. Whether you're looking for a therapeutic, deep tissue, or sports-recovery massage, or a customized facial to reveal your natural glow, all of our services at Pure Skin Organic Day Spa are aimed to reduce stress, and improve overall wellness.             

Relaxation is ensured with aromatherapy, heated treatment tables, organic products, and a peaceful environment for all massage and facial services. 

Being an owner-operated business brings high standards into all aspects of our business.

Our passion is to provide a relaxing experience with Organic/Holistic approaches providing optimal relaxation, skin health & beauty in a healing setting.

Our mission is to inspire our community to make massage therapy a part of their wellness plan, and nourish their skin with loving care using the best natural ingredients for their skin type. 

Pure Skin Organic Day Spa never uses products tested on animals. Products used in our Day Spa are free of:

*Chemicals *Parabens *Fragrances *Sulfates *Petroleum *Dyes and anything Artificial 

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