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The Good Fight
Conquering personal obstacles via the Sweet Science of Boxing
Business Info:
(806) 786-8849
835 Main Avenue
Suite 105
800 block of Main

The Good Fight is a boxing club  located in the heart of Durango, Colorado. We are professional and recreational fighters, each with our own unique story. Each of us has experienced personal and professional transformation through the vehicle known as the Sweet Science, boxing! We are passionately dedicated to sharing our love of the craft with people in our community, and, in doing so, empowering each individual to fight and conquer his or her personal obstacles. We are a strong and compassionate team which is uniquely qualified to serve people fighting neuromuscular disease, mental health battles, and those of us just rolling with the punches of the life!

Our Mission

The Good Fight is committed to empower people in our community, through the Sweet Science of BOXING,  to fight and conquer personal obstacles and achieve a better quality of life.

Classes & Services