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Durango Coffee Company
The finest coffee on the planet!
Business Info:
(970) 426-4088
730 Main Avenue
700 block of Main

Durango Coffee Company was established in 1984 in the town of Durango, Colorado. We have been roasting small batches of unique coffees from around the world all these years. As the farms have improved over this time , we have embarked on a journey to improve our techniques and caress the finest most delicate flavors out of the beans we buy. We travel to find the gems that we think you will enjoy in your coffee pot and espresso machine as we do.

Durango Coffee Company is proud to be the first coffee shop in Colorado to have a modbar AV. Come in for a cup of the best coffee in Durango.


Monday- Thursday 6am-9pm

Friday 6am-10pm

Saturday 7am-10pm

Sunday 7am-9pm