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About DurangoSpace

If you are a freelance professional, mobile worker or member of a small team, you know how hard it can be to find a great place to work when you are away from your home office. Having an office in town would be nice, but might be pricey. Working in the coffee shop or the library can be fun, but distractions keep you from being productive. Do I really need that third latte? Solitude can give you time to think and be productive, but it can also make you feel isolated and alone. Where are the advisers and other entrepreneurs you need when you are stuck on a problem?

Welcome to DurangoSpace, Durango’s premiere coworking facility. Located downtown in the Crossroads/Alpine Bank building, this well-designed shared office is outfitted with the latest technology and plenty of parking (10-hour meters, public parking on Railroad Avenue).  We have 100 Mbps Internet, Desert Sun Coffee, weekly, monthly work desks, private workspaces and a well appointed conference room (up to 6 people), access to a gallery kitchen in a Class A building in downtown Durango. 

At DurangoSpace you can share a great workspace with other creative, talented individuals. Rather than experiencing the go-it-alone feeling, you’ll be supported by peers who are experts in their fields. Not only will we help you create networking opportunities, but you’ll share ideas and resources with our members through impromptu collaborative sessions, easy access to downtown Durango and the convenience of professional workspace in Durango, Colorado. 

Come in for a free tour and a cup of coffee.   Jasper Welch, co-founder

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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