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Dreams of Tibet
Unique items from Nepal, India, and Tibet.
Business Info:
(970) 259-5400
988 Main Avenue
900 block of Main

One of a Kind Items from the Himalayas

Stepping into Dreams of Tibet is like discovering a new world. Instantly, your senses transport you from the busy sidewalks of downtown Durango to a spiritual place. Surrounded by colorful textiles and immersed in earthly aroma and serene music, one can easily conjure up visions of a holy land.

The land is the far-away mountainous regions of the Himalayas and this shop offers much more than a typical grab and go! You might think of it as an educational experience without the "don’t-touch-this!" museum-like feel. The cordial personnel go out of their way to make you feel welcome, and are readily available to give you all the knowledge you desire. After all, one might consider items like singing bowls, prayer flags, and iconic statues as rather uncommon here in this modern little “old west” town tucked away in the four corners. The owner, Karma Bhotia, born in Nepal, imports every item from his homeland and from Tibet, and notes that most of the items, not just the artifacts, are one of a kind.

For those who meditate, Dreams of Tibet is Nirvana! One can choose from a wide range of incense and scented candles, to a vast collection of meditative music, including Indian chanting and the soothing sounds of the flute.

Make sure all of your senses are involved in this cultural journey off Main Street USA, by sampling Bhotia’s Masala Chai, house-brewed in his restaurant right next door in the Himalayan Kitchen! Don’t fret, you can take some authentic Chai tea blend home to brew. If you are fortunate, you may just get an authentic demonstration of the power of the “singing bowls” which are said to balance your Chakras.

Business Hours: 

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Monday: Closed

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