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Parking In Durango

Downtown Parking 101

There are always available and affordable parking options in Downtown Durango with only a few exceptions during the year. The City of Durango has great resources for parking information at DurangoParking.com.



For those visiting Downtown to shop, dine, look around or attend one of our many great events the meters are for you.

The meters on Main Ave. and on every cross street to Narrow Gauge Ave to the west and the alley to the east cost $1 per hour. All other Downtown meters cost 75 cents per hour. There are a few locations on the edges of Downtown where the meters are only 50 cents an hour. The 50 cent an hour meters are located on the 1300 block of Main, 13th Street just north of and adjacent to Buckley Park, 12th Street between Main and E. 2nd Ave (check these meters carefully as only some are 50 cents an hour), and the 400 block of E. 2nd Ave.

Every meter Downtown accepts coins and the City's parking smart cards. The meters on Main Ave. from 5th to 12th Street, and on every cross street to Narrow Gauge Ave to the west and the alley to the east, also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

Parking cards can be purchased and loaded with any of amount of money, eliminating the need for coins. These cards are easy to use and are very convenient. See the video below for a tutorial on how to use these cards. Cards can be purchased at the Transit Center.

Where To Park

The City counts the number of available parking spaces several times each month and makes that information available to BID. On average in 2016, 47% of the spaces are available during the work week. Furthermore, Narrow Gauge has the most parking typcially available, with 55% of its spaces open on average in 2015. E. 2nd Avenue averaged 50% available, and Main Avenue averaged 38% available. Additionally, the following blocks averaged over half their spaces available in 2016:

Main Avenue - 1100 and 1200 blocks

Narrow Gauge Avenue - 700, 800 and 1100 blocks

E. 2nd Avenue - 400, 500, 1000 and 1100 blocks

If you can walk a couple of blocks to your destination, you can always find parking in Downtown Durango.


For evening and weekend parking, remember that parking in the City lots (on E. 2nd Ave and at the Transit Center) is free after 5 pm and all day on weekends. Parking at meters is free after 6 pm, and all day on weekends. Tip - try parking at the Transit Center, just 1.5 blocks from the heart of Main Ave, where you can almost always find a space.


How long can I park at a meter?

Downtown has three different times for metered parking - 30 minutes, 3 hours and 10 hours. This means the maximum amount of time that can be placed on these meters is 30 minutes, 3 hours or 10 hours. There are very few 30 minute meters. These are located at a few key spots downtown where people are in and out of a business in a very short period of time. The 3 hour meters are most prevalent Downtown. The 10 hour meters are located on the edges of Downtown. Look at the band on the meter post to see the max amount of time allowed at that meter. Click the link below for a map:
View Map (PDF)


Is there ever FREE parking?

YES, there is! Parking meters only need to be paid Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Meters are FREE every evening during the week, and they are also FREE every Saturday and Sunday, plus on major holidays. A list of major holidays is printed on every meter.

Parking is also FREE in the City lots on E. 2nd Ave and at the Transit Center every weeknight from 5 pm onward and also all day and night on weekends.

There is also FREE parking in the Wyndham Hotel lot at 4th Street and E. 2nd Ave. during the work week. The lot converts to private parking by 6 pm for hotel guests so make sure you move your car by then.


Other ways to get Downtown besides driving?

Durango is a bike friendly town and Downtown welcomes bikes. Lock your bike to the bike hitches on many of the Downtown parking meters for FREE! In summers, park your bike right on Main at the free bike parking in front of Carvers, Maria's Bookshop, Fired Up Pizza and Durango Coffee Company. A covered and lighted bike shelter is also available at the Transit Center.

Ride on the Animas River Trail and access Downtown by departing the trail at Rotary Park, 12th Street, 9th Street or College Avenue at the DoubleTree Hotel.

Durango also has great public transportation. Visit the City's website by clicking HERE to learn about the Main Ave. Trolley and Fixed Route buses, plus the late night Buzz Bus. All bus routes start and end at the Transit Center. You can ride your bike to the nearest bus stop, stow your bike on the bus, then ride it around Downtown after you arrive at the Transit Center. Durango buses all cost $1 per ride per person, but discounted passes are available.

Private transportation is also an option.

Durango Taxi 970-259-4818

Buckhorn Limousine 970-769-0933

Animas Transportation 970-259-1315

Uber is available in Durango as of February 2016.


Motorcycle Parking

Dedicated motorcycle only spaces are available at three locations Downtown - in the 900 and 1000 blocks of Main Avenue, and on 9th Street. See the map above for specific locations.


Oversized Vehicle Parking

Oversized vehicle parking is allowed on 5th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, on Roosa Ave. south of 9th Street, and at the Transit Center parking lot when space is available. Parking at the Transit Center requires a day pass, which can be purchased inside the Transit Center between 7 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday for only $7.50. See the map above for specific locations. RV's can also park at any of the downtown meters, but will need to fit with two spaces and both meters must be paid. RV's cannot extend past the parking lane into traffic. Additionally, oversized vehicles can park across from the Durango Public Library at 1900 E. 3rd Ave., then walk to Main Avenue and take the Main Avenue Trolley to Downtown for just $1 per ride.


Downtown Employees

If you are a Downtown employee, BID asks that you do NOT park at the parking meters.

Consider riding a bike to work, walking, or taking the Main Ave Trolley or the City buses. All buses cost $1 per ride. Riders can also get a monthly pass for only $30 a month or $1 per day.

If you have to drive to work, the most affordable way to park Downtown is to purchase a monthly pass for any of the four City lots Downtown. These passes cost only $30 (or $1 per day) and are discounted by 15% when you buy three months or more. The three lots on E. 2nd Ave fill up quickly each workday morning, but the Transit Center lot ALWAYS has available spaces. If walking from the Transit Center to your business does not work for you, the City also sells a parking permit for ANY metered space on Narrow Gauge Avenue for $75 per month.

If you have to drive and park at a meter, do not park at a meter on Main Ave or on a cross street in front of your shop or your neighbor's shop. Instead, park off Main where it is cheaper on the 10 hour meters on the edges of Downtown.Save the prime parking for customers of our Downtown businesses. See the City's Parking Guide Map for the location of the 10 hour meters.

NEW ... there are now 10 hour meters that only cost 50 cents an hour! These meters are located on the 1300 block of Main, 13th Street just north of Buckley Park, 12th Street between Main and E. 2nd Ave (check these meters carefully as only some are 50 cents an hour), and the 400 block of E. 2nd Ave.